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Ereignis / événement / acontecimento / acontecimento apropriador / acontecimiento / enowning / sich ereignet / sich ereignen / happen / take place / Austrag / resolución


Another word that will be used frequently is “appropriation” (Ereignis), which in Heidegger  ’s later writings characterizes the horizontal-regional way of thinking. The word “Ereignis” in German has the meanings of “event”, “occurence”, and “incident”. For Heidegger, however, it signifies the ontological event that happens and is maintained in the primordial “betweenness”, and thus brings forth the ownership (das Eignen) of whatever is involved in it. Appropriation, therefore, indicates a non-linear, reciprocal-arising, and mutual-calling way of thinking that projectively regions “back and forth”. For this reason, it is what makes the hermeneutic fore-structure possible. This fundamental mirror-playing contains nothing substantial but is a disclosing pure and simple. [ZhangHT  ]