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domingo 17 de outubro de 2021

Śūnya, śūnyatā, shunyata, shûnya, shunya

Śūnya, no el Espacio elemental (ākāśa), que es el sine qua non de la existencia, sino el Vacío Absoluto, que es un "aspecto" de la no-existencia. (AKC  )

The term “emptiness” (mu) recurs often throughout The Sound of the One Hand. In ordinary usage, emptiness means the lack of a substance, such as a glass that is empty of water. But in Zen, this key term signifies the absence of any independent, separate, and fixed existence. When Jōshū answers “Mu” to the question “Does a dog have Buddha  -nature?” he subverts the distinction between the questioner and the dog that is the implicit basis for the question, and says that Buddha  -nature (or the “greater I”) of the dog has no existence independent of that of the individual asking the question. As the book of Ecclesiastes (3:19) says, “All have the same lifebreath.” (The sounds of the one hand)