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Abhinavagupta : Commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita

dimanche 22 avril 2018

Pratyabhijnā means recognition of one’s self as Siva [1], lord of the Universe (svātmāpi viśveśvarah), through the teaching of the guru. Siva is the only Reality. He is completely free, and is capable of action?. The world? or nescience? is His freely assumed form. Out of His free will and with himself as the sole basis He unfolds the universe. There is no material cause or other basis for the world. Consciousness?, bliss (freedom, independence), will, knowledge? and capacity (to assume all forms),—these are Śiva’s five principal powers. Creation (srsti), sustenance (sthiti), destruction (samhāra), obscuration (tirodhāna) and grace (anugraha) constitute His fivefold activity? (pancakrtya). The world is a reflection in Him. Just as the reflections in a mirrror are not different from it but appear to be different, the world of multiplicity reflected in Siva, though not different, appears to be different. But, unlike the reflection in a mirror, the world-reflection has no original. Due to Siva’s power of freedom (complete independence,) the wrorld-reflection is projected without any original. So all conscious beings and unconscious things? are mere reflections. The world, being a flash of Siva’s consciousness-power (cit śakti?) is real?. Liberation is attainment of one’s own consciousness and bliss (cidānandalābha) by piercing through the veils of ignorance, a state of divine harmony or equilibrium (sāmarasya), in which the self realises itself to be the supreme Self ; and yet on? the very basis of this advaita? the former continues to have loving devotion for the latter as he did earlier on the basis of dvaita.

The thinkers of this school point out that its difference from that of Vedanta? consists in this : The Lord who is of the nature? of Consciousness is constantly engaged in fivefold activity. Siva is the substratum as well as the sole possessor of infinite powers, which constitute His very nature ; and so, He is unlike the insentient-like, powerless and quiescent Brahman? of Vedanta. The world is not at all different from Consciousness, for it is the pure and free Consciousness which flashes forth as the world of infinite multiplicity. Power is the freedom of Consciousness.

One’s own awareness, logic and scripture establish that the nature of the self is of the form of the supreme Lord. Liberation is the manifestation of one’s own power through the destruction of the knot of ignorance, and the attainment of the Supreme Lordship through the removal of ego?-sense (abhimana). (from the Preface)


[1The Good, the Auspicious, personified.