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Lucille : memory

mardi 13 mars 2018

If we have an experience of happiness?, at the moment of happiness itself we are beyond the mind?, beyond time. We are in our timeless presence. We are abiding as the Self. This place is the now, the timeless now. It is present right here and now. When the memory of a past experience comes to us, let’s say a happy past experience, we welcome it and, in this welcoming, all the objective? elements that remain will dissolve and leave us with that which is always present, the perfume. As long as we make an object of this experience, instead of taking advantage of its liberating effect, it binds us still further.

Are you saying that I never had the experience of being a boy, that it is just a memory created in the present ?

What is being said is that there has never been a boy moving in time, turning into a young man?, then into a middle-aged man, and so on?. All of these appearances flowed through consciousness?. You, as consciousness, have never been a boy, a young adult, or a middle-aged man. These were perceptions and concepts flowing through consciousness. I am? not denying that these perceptions and concepts have flowed though consciousness. That is what memory tells us. However, I am denying the fact that the boy grows into an adult. I am denying the objective existence? of these events and the objective existence of time. By “objective,” I mean independent from consciousness. From the vantage point of the totality of this timeless presence, there is no time. Consciousness is not in time or space. All the mind can do is reduce consciousness to a point, whereas it is in fact the totality, of which the mind with this universe is just a speck. Since the mind cannot grasp consciousness, it reduces it to nothingness and then becomes frightened of it.

We don’t have to remember in order simply to be, and yet there is a flavor of remembering in this being. Is this some higher memory ?

We could call it remembrance. The difference between memory and remembrance is that memory refers to objects, whereas remembrance refers to the subject. Memory refers to the past, whereas remembrance refers to the timeless. When we are free from the past, there is inspiration. We fall from grace when we bring in the ego?. It is like a balance artist dancing on a cable, perfectly at ease until he remembers the abyss.

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