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Nomes de Deus

domingo 17 de outubro de 2021

The names of God are given, as repeatedly stated in Indian texts from The Hymns of the Ṛgveda onwards (as also in other theologies), according to the aspect under which he is considered, or power that he exerts; and because of his omniformity (as Viśvarūpah) and universal creativity (as Viśvakarmā) there can be no end to the names. From The Hymns of the Ṛgveda onwards the procedure from aspect to aspect and function to function is a “becoming" (√ bhū); for example, “Thou, Agni, art Varuna in being born, and when kindled [born], becomest (bhavasi) Mitra,” The Hymns of the Ṛgveda V.3.1, We retain the various names in their contexts; but the reader, from the present point of view, need only think of these names as those of “God” as the First Principle of all things. (ACKMETA, p. 336)