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COOMARASWAMY  , Amanda K.. Selected Papers Metaphysics. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1977.

Introductory Essays

  • The Vedanta and Western Tradition
  • Who Is “Satan” and Where Is “Hell”?
  • Śrī Ramakrishna and Religious Tolerance
  • The “E” at Delphi

The Major Essays

  • Recollection, Indian and Platonic
  • On the One and Only Transmigrant
  • Ākimcaññak Self-Naughting
  • Ātmayajña: Self-Sacrifice
  • Līlā
  • Play and Seriousness
  • Measures of Fire
  • Vedic “Monotheism”
  • Vedic Exemplarism
  • The Vedic Doctrine of “Silence”
  • Manas
  • Kha and Other Words Denoting “Zero,” in Connection with the Indian Metaphysics of Space
  • The Tantric Doctrine of Divine Biunity
  • Two Passages in Dante  ’s Paradiso
  • Nirukta — Hermeneia
  • Some Pāli Words

Unpublished Works

  • On the Indian and Traditional Psychology, or Rather Pneumatology
  • Mahā Purusa: “Supreme Identity”
  • Bhakta Aspects of the Ātman Doctrine
  • The Flood in Hindu Tradition
  • Does “Socrates   Is Old” Imply That “Socrates   Is” ?
  • The Meaning of Death
  • The Seventieth Birthday Address