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domingo 17 de outubro de 2021

Οὐσία means “being-there,” and it does not have an indifferent sense of being, as, ultimately, there is no such thing. Οὐσία is the abbreviation for παρουσία, “being-present.” Usually the opposite is ἀπουσία, “absence,” not simply nothing but something there, although there as a lack. Squinting is a matter of seeing in the mode of ἀπουσία. Ἀπουσία is the ontological basis for the basic category of στέρησις. We want to try to bring the aforementioned characters of the there to a basic orientation. [Heidegger  , GA18  :33-34]

Therefore, being-there means, in summary: 1. primarily presence, present, 2. being-complete, completedness—the two characters of the there for the Greeks. In these two characters, all beings with regard to their being are to be interpreted. [Heidegger  , GA18  :35]
DASEIN E CORRELATOS: Da-sein / Daseyn / être-là / être-le-là / ser-aí / estar-aí / pre-sença / being-there / ser ahí / eis-aí-ser / Daseinsanalyse / Daseinsmässig / Daseinsmäßig / daseinmässigen / daseinsmäßigen / à la mesure du Dasein / propre au Dasein / conforme-ao-Dasein / proprio del "ser ahí" / Daseinsauslegung / interprétation du Dasein / interpretação-do-Dasein / interpretation of Dasein / Analytik des Daseins / analytique du Dasein / analítica da presença / analítica do Dasein / analytic of Dasein / Mitdasein / l’être-Là-avec / Dasein-com / co-presença / Mitdasein / co-Dasein / Nichtmehrdasein / n’être-plus-Dasein / já-não-ser-aí / no-longer-Dasein