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Karl Renz (SI) – culpa (guilty)

segunda-feira 4 de abril de 2022


Some have the trick to take the success personal and disaster as impersonal. [Laughter] Actually, I take everything absolute personal – I Am That and whatever happens, is what-I-Am and I’ve done everything. I’m absolutely guilty for all the bullshit that happens – And I don’t care, because I’m absolutely guilty for what-is and what-is-not. Because this is what I Am.

This is more than easy because if you’re guilty for little things, you really have a bad conscience or a good conscience, but if you’re the consciousness itself that has done everything, the absolute doership or non-doership, nothing is done by doing. Because if you’re absolutely guilty for whatever is and is-not – who cares? If you’re guilty for the smallest and the biggest bullshit in this bloody universe, who cares? If you’re guilty for a part of it then you care. And then you compare with others – what is your guilt? And what is my guilt?

No! This is all what you are. And you’re guilty for all the bullshit and all the junkies and all the non-junkies and all the addicts and the non-addicts and you’re guilty for all that murdering and raping – whatever-is. What to do? And nothing happens.

Q [Another visitor]: But then you don’t have that sense   of guilt anymore...

K: Absolute guilt! I’m absolutely guilty!

Q: But it’s not a painful guilt for you...

K: No? I pay everything. I pay myself. It’s very painful. [Laughter]

Q: It seems that you enjoy your guilt...

K: I don’t have to enjoy the guilt. There’s just no way out. There’s peace because there’s no way out of guilt. When you can clean up your guilt, then you are in pain. [THE SONG OF IRRELEVANCE]