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Ibn Arabi (SP) I: Dagli - faculdades

domingo 24 de abril de 2022

Each of the faculties in man possesses something of the divine synthesis or totality, but by its own limited nature cannot know that which surpasses it. Each faculty is a particularization or aspect of some subject or consciousness. Were it to comprehend this consciousness it would in fact be at the level of this consciousness and its essence as a particular quality would be destroyed. The synthesis or totality from which each exists can be described as stemming from three aspects. The first one mentioned is the divine Oneness (wāhidiyyah), which is the presence of the divine Names and Qualities. The second is the Reality of realities, which usually refers to the Presence of Unity (hadrat al-ahadiyyah). The third aspect which goes into making up this totality is nature (tabiah), which is the principle (mabda) of activity (fil) and affection (infiāl), and which is the receptacle for the effects (tathirāt) of the Names. “That which is necessitated” refers to the preparedness proper to each faculty. The “makeup” is that of man, and the qualities are those of man. It is the presence of the Perfect Man which encompasses all of the other divine Presences, from their highest to their lowest. The divine synthesis (al-jamiyyah al-ilāhiyyah) here is the Self (Reality of realities, Being as such) whose Names and Qualities (al-jānib al-ilāhī, the Presence of Oneness or divinity) determine what will be received by the creatures of the world (the preparedness which nature necessitates). This triad describes the reality of all things. [DagliRW  ]

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