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proballo / προβάλλω / προβάλλεσθαι / proballesthai / προβαλλόμενον / proballomenon / projeção


gr. προβάλλω, proballo: projetar

And let us add the observations we have made which are common to all sense   perceptions: (a) the display (emphasis) of the sensed object in the sense organ which is constituted in the likeness of the sensed object by the passive effect (peisis  ) and the simultaneous activity [in the sense-organ]; (b) the display (emphasis) perfected into a form (eidos  ) in the common life of the compound being; and (c) the concept (logos  ) fitted to these forms which is projected (proballesthai) from the sensitive soul, by which judgment (krisis) and understanding (sunesis) occur. Such is the method of enquiry about each sense, which one must take over above all from the philosophical results of Iamblichus   in his [books] On the Soul  , from which we too now, wishing to sketch the outline of his precise enquiry about each [sense], have written these things briefly. [Priscian Metaphrasis in Theophrastum 7,11-20 (reporting Iamblichus); SorabjiPC  :40]