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chroma / khroma / χρῶμα / couleur / color


gr. χρῶμα, chroma = cor. Sorabji   interpreta que a forma aristotélica recebida pelo olhar não era um objeto intencional, mas uma mancha colorida no gelatinoso do olho. O que o meio proporciona ao olhar não é um corpo, mas a atividade da cor.

For sight is not related to size qua sight, but to colour: in act when standing still at its form in seeing, and before that characterised by potentiality, neither being perfected from itself alone and from within, nor only externally by the sensible object, but by the sense organ being affected by that in a way similar to what affects it; but the sense organ is affected in a vital manner and its being affected terminates in formal activity as the sensitive soul recognises (gnorizein) the sensible object by projection of concepts (probole logon) and stands still at its form. [‘Simplicius  ’ in De Anima 128,22-9; SorabjiPC1:41]