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Damáscio / Damascius / Damascios / Damascio / Δαμάσκιος


Damascius, Δαμάσκιος (458-depois 538 dC)


AD 529 was a fateful year. St Benedict founded the monastery at Monte Cassino and the Christian Emperor Justinian closed the Athenian Neoplatonist school. Damascius, its then head, displayed an originality concerning time as discontinuous, prime matter, the causal mechanism of procession, pleasures of the mind   as activities and thinking as distinct from its objects, often by way of correcting Proclus  . His escape from Christian persecution in Alexandria [10] and subsequent career has been vividly described by Polymnia Athanassiadi, who thinks the house used by Damascius for the school, distinct from Plutarch  ’s, can be identified among the excavations. [SorabjiPC3  :10-11]