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sábado 18 de setembro de 2021

We must stir up and assume a purer eye? within. This inward eye, is no other than intellect, which contains in its most inward recesses, a certain ray of light?, participated from the sun? of Beauty? and Good, by which the soul is enabled to behold and become united with her divinely solitary original. This divine ray, or, as Proclus calls it ovpdrjfxoe, a mark or impression, is thus beautifully described by that philosopher, (Theology of Plato?): "The Author of the universe, (says he) has planted in all beings impressions of his own perfect excellence, and through these, he has placed all beings about himself, and is present with them in an ineffable manner, exempt from the universality of things?. Hence, every being entering into the ineffable sanctuary of its own nature?, finds there a symbol of the Father of all. And by this mystical impression, which corresponds to his nature, they become united with their original, divesting themselves of their own essence, and hastening to become his impression alone; and, through a desire of his unknown nature, and of the fountain of good, to participate him alone. And when they have ascended as far as to this cause, they enjoy perfect tranquillity, and are conversant in the perception? of his divine progeny, and of the love which all things naturally possess of goodness, unknown, ineffable, without participation, and transcendendy full." [Thomas Taylor]