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domingo 17 de outubro de 2021

You see that what we have found to be the upshot of our considerations, as a technical issue of thinking and intellectual tidiness, is manifest as ὁρισμóς. The ὁρισμóς is a λóγος, a definite being-in-the-world, which meets with the world that is there in its genuine there-character, that addresses it in its genuine being. We have a concrete reference to that place where the genuinely indigenous character of the concept is to be sought. Conceptuality is no arbitrary matter, but rather an issue of being-there in a decisive sense, insofar as it has resolved to speak radically to the world— to question and to research. So, λóγος, “speaking,” is to exhibit beings in themselves, if this speaking is of such a character that it shows beings in their having-of-limits, that it limits beings in their being. That λóγος which is ὁρισμóς is the genuine mode of entry into beings; speaking as ὁρισμóς is the genuine addressing of the world. One can designate this λóγος as the genuine mode of entry into beings insofar as πέρας is the basic character of the there. Ὁρισμóς is the speaking to beings that are in the mode of presence and are limited in this way, since ὁρισμóς pertains to them as something limited. [Heidegger  , GA18  :40]

HEIDEGGER  : In-der-Welt-sein / l’être-au-monde / l’être-dans-le-monde / ser-no-mundo / ser-en-el-mundo / being-in-the-world / ser-em-o-mundo / estar-en-el-mundo / estar-siendo-en-el-mundo / In-Sein / être-à / ser-em / ser-en / ser en / estar-en / in-being