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domingo 17 de outubro de 2021


The expressed “lies fixed,” is a κείμενον. The κείμενα ὀνóματα, precisely as κείμενα, as “fixed,” are available to others; they are κοινά, they belong to each. When a word is expressed, it no longer belongs to me, and thus language is something that belongs to everyone; specifically, in such a way that a fundamental possibility of life itself is vitally given in precisely this common possession. Often the expressed is still only spoken—consumed in mere words without an explicit relationship to the matters spoken about. Therein lies an intelligibility that is common to all. In growing into a language, I grow into an intelligibility of the world, of language, that I have from out of myself insofar as I live in language. A common intelligibility is given, which has a peculiar character of averageness. It no longer has the character of belonging to an individual. It is worn out, used, used up. Everything expressed harbors the possibility of being used up, of being shoved into the common intelligibility. [Heidegger  , GA18:20-21]

HEIDEGGER: Sprechen / falar / parler / speak / hablar / besprechen / discuter / discussion / discussão / discussing / discutir / discutant / falar de algo como algo / ansprechen / advoquer / advocation / anrufen / ad-voquer / falar de / dizer / addressing / aussprechen / s’ex-primer / ex-primer / Sichaussprechen / expressing-itself / Ausdrücken / expressing / antworten / responder / entsprechen / corresponder / ent-sprechen / co-responder / Entsprechung / correspondence / correspondência / correspondentia / Sprache / linguagem / language / langage / lenguaje / sagen / saying / dizer / Weitersagen / re-dite / Heraussage / prononcement / declaração