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terça-feira 15 de fevereiro de 2022

gr. ῥητορική, rhetoriké = retórica, arte do discurso. Segundo Monique Canto designa ao mesmo tempo, no Górgias   de Platão, a disciplina ensinada e uma maneira de se exprimir.

The current way of considering rhetoric is equally a hindrance to the understanding of the Aristotelian Rhetoric. In the Berlin Academy edition, the Rhetoric has been put at the end. They did not know what to do with it, so they put it at the end! It is a sign of complete helplessness. The tradition lost any understanding of rhetoric long ago, since it had become simply a school discipline even in the time of Hellenism and in the early Middle Ages. The original sense of rhetoric had long disappeared. Insofar as one forgot to inquire into the concrete function of Aristotelian logic, one gave up the basic possibility of interpreting this so that it would thereby become clear that rhetoric is nothing other than the discipline in which the self-interpretation of being-there is explicitly fulfilled. Rhetoric is nothing other than the interpretation of concrete being-there, the hermeneutic of being-there itself. That is the intended sense of Aristotle  ’s rhetoric. Speaking in the mode of speaking-in-discourse—in public meetings, before the court, at celebratory occasions—these possibilities of speaking are definitively expounded instances of customary speaking, of how being-there itself speaks. With the interpretation of the Rhetoric, one aims at how basic possibilities of the speaking of being-there are already explicated therein. But if we present ourselves with this ground of Greek being-there, we will understand that the definition of the human being as ζῷον λóγον ἔχον is not an invention, is not arbitrary, but reproduces the way that the Greeks primarily see their being-there. Therefore, we must briefly examine the main definitions that Aristotle   gives of λóγος as discourse. Here, an interpretation of the Rhetoric cannot be carried out. It is a matter of understanding the definition ζῷον λóγον ἔχον more precisely, in order to better apprehend where the definition λóγος οὐσίας, ὁρισμóς, theoretical speaking with the matter itself, has its ground. [GA18  :109-110; GA18MT  :75-76]
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