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domingo 17 de outubro de 2021


Οὐσία means “being-there  ,” and it does not have an indifferent sense   of being, as, ultimately, there is no such thing. Οὐσία is the abbreviation for παρουσία  , “being-present.” Usually the opposite is ἀπουσία, “absence,” not simply nothing but something there, although there as a lack. Squinting is a matter of seeing in the mode of ἀπουσία. Ἀπουσία is the ontological basis for the basic category of στέρησις  . We want to try to bring the aforementioned characters of the there to a basic orientation. [Heidegger  , GA18:33-34]

Therefore, being-there means, in summary: 1. primarily presence, present, 2. being-complete, completedness—the two characters of the there for the Greeks. In these two characters, all beings with regard to their being are to be interpreted. [Heidegger, GA18:35]
DASEIN E CORRELATOS: Da-sein / Daseyn / être-là / être-le-là / ser-aí / estar-aí / pre-sença / being-there / ser ahí / eis-aí-ser / Daseinsanalyse / Daseinsmässig / Daseinsmäßig / daseinmässigen / daseinsmäßigen / à la mesure du Dasein / propre au Dasein / conforme-ao-Dasein / proprio del "ser ahí" / Daseinsauslegung / interprétation du Dasein / interpretação-do-Dasein / interpretation of Dasein / Analytik des Daseins / analytique du Dasein / analítica da presença / analítica do Dasein / analytic of Dasein / Mitdasein / l’être-Là-avec / Dasein-com / co-presença / Mitdasein / co-Dasein / Nichtmehrdasein / n’être-plus-Dasein / já-não-ser-aí / no-longer-Dasein