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Nisargadatta : forgetting and remembering

lundi 11 novembre 2019

Q : What is the cause of self-forgetting ? — M : There is no cause, because there is no forgetting. Mental? states succeed one another, and each obliterates the previous one. Self-remembering is a mental state and self-forgetting is another. They alternate like day and night. Reality is beyond both.

Q : Surely there must be a difference between forgetting and not knowing?. Not knowing needs no cause. Forgetting presupposes previous knowledge and also the tendency or ability to forget. I admit I cannot enquire into the reason for not-knowing, but forgetting must have some ground. — M : There is no such thing as not-knowing. There is only forgetting. What is wrong with forgetting ? It is as simple to forget as to remember.

Q : Is it not a calamity to forget oneself ? — M : As bad as to remember oneself continuously. There is a state beyond forgetting and not-forgetting — the natural state. To remember, to forget — these are all states of mind, thoughtbound, word-bound. Take for example, the idea of being born. I am? told I was born. I do not remember. I am told I shall die I do not expect it. You tell me I have forgotten, or I lack imagination. But I just cannot remember what never happened, nor expect the patently impossible. Bodies are born and bodies die, but what is it to me ? Bodies come and go in consciousness and consciousness itself has its roots in me. I am life and mine are mind and body.

Q : You say at the root of the world? is self-forgetfulness. To forget I must remember What did I forget to remember ? I have not forgotten that I am. — M : This ’I am’ too may be a part of the illusion?.

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