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Renz : sadness

lundi 12 août 2019

Q [Another visitor] : What about sadness ?

K : If you are sadness itself, there is no one who is sad. When you are that what is ignorance?, there is no one who is ignorant. If you are that which is whatever, you are That ; and in That there is no suffering. Only by your having it, there is a sufferer. The owner is the sufferer, the ownership is suffering. The Absolute? ownership is being what-is. In that there is no second and without a second, there is no possibility of suffering. That’s why it’s called as Advaita?. Advaita is the absence? of the second edition of existence? and without a second edition of existence, there is no existence that can suffer about itself. For suffering, it needs two – one existence suffering about the second existence, that’s all. [UNNRenz]