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Renz : avoidance

jeudi 25 juillet 2019

You will only give up avoidance if you are destroyed by... whatever. It can only be done by What-you-are... but not by the one who wants to avoid something. And trying not to avoid is feeding that avoider. Whatever you try now from that position doesn’t work. Even trying not to avoid, is avoiding the avoidance. So, I sit here and tell you that you have to be in spite of the avoider avoiding what can be avoided... which is actually unavoidable. So, I sit here and tell you that you cannot avoid being What-you-are. So, just be it ! Be That what you cannot not be, because that’s unavoidable, because it waits for you anyway. This phantom that rises, will disappear again. It came and it will be gone - this avoider. So why not be That in the presence of it or in the absence? of it ? Why wait for it to be gone ? It will be gone one day and you will be the leftover again because the leftover cannot avoid itself. You are that Reality which is unavoidable.

And now you realize yourself as a person, so what ? The person came and the person will be gone... hello, goodbye. So why wait for it to disappear to become What-you-are ? You will never become it because you never lost What-you-are. So, just be that ! The phantom collector will collect some stupid ideas on the way. Then it will be proud of his collection of the inside (insight) and the outside, but by none of that he can avoid that he will be gone one day, and you still will be What-you-are. All the collection of the scriptures, all the insights, all truth and all ideas came with this body and will go with this body ; and you still will be What-you-are - naked as you are. You cannot avoid to be That what you were before, what you are now and what you will be. So why not be it now ? That which has nothing to gain or to lose here ! Come on !

So, what to do ? There’s nothing to do but just being that what is unavoidable because you cannot avoid to exist as that What- you-are. And as you are That, you realize yourself as whatever. But waiting for someone like the Eagle of consciousness to go to become What-you-are, you may wait forever. The eagle will always be there, like consciousness always trying to know the consciousness. Mind? will always mind the mind. So, you better don’t wait for it to end because maybe it is as infinite as you are. Imagine ! Trinity or not... [Laughter] Waiting for Godot. Waiting for God to come, but God is already here.

But I can just blah, blah, blah about it. I cannot make you What-you-are. I can neither make you, nor unmake you. I cannot give anything, I cannot take anything away from you. So what ? I can only point to That but you have to be it. And not be in love with the imaginary ‘I’. You have to put all your love, all your attention to That what never needs attention. This paradox you cannot solve. Because the Existence? you are never needs any attention to exist and that existence that needs attention to exist, is false. That’s all ! [RENZ, 2017]