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Renz : be what you are

mardi 25 juin 2019

You have to be what you are in any circumstance and for that it doesn’t need any effort. You can do your dishes, you can watch television, all of that is meditation. You don’t need any special place or silence for that. So, maybe something is changing. Then you’re back to the other side, like a pendulum.

It will not change anything but it will just become different. And if you like me as Karl, I like it because I like to watch television. I don’t like to clean the floors of the monastery. That’s called personality and I don’t mind? it actually. It’s as good or as bad as everything and nothing has to change for you to be what you are, that’s the beauty? of it. Nothing has to go, no acceptance is needed, nothing needs to be done, no intention has to go, none of whatever you can imagine has to change in any way for you to be what you are. That’s the beauty itself, come on ! The beauty that needs attention or caring is just bullshit. It’s not beauty ; it’s ugly in its nature?. The nature of beauty you will never know and the beauty you can know and the beauty you can define?, is ugly. So, be the beauty but don’t know beauty. And don’t be beautiful because then you’re fooled by beauty.

We were talking about effort. It’s a doingless doing and the doinglessness. What you are never lifted one finger. There was never any effort in what you are – never ever. The laziest bastard you are. The laziness of laziness, never did anything. It’s like a dream. Just as you cannot say that you did something in the dream, you cannot say that you did something here. Can you claim that you have done something in the dream ? You can create a whole different world?, an entire universe in the dream by no effort. Can you claim that it was by effort ? Then you have some action? in that dream. That’s why they call it waking up from that. That you have an effort, that the dream is real or something. The dream changes all the time out of your dream effort. Parabrahman doesn’t need any effort in this dream, just as in night you don’t need any effort to dream a totally different character, totally different world, totally different personality. Sometimes you dream the whole drama, whole world and nothing happens. Then you wake up and say, ‘Thank God it was only a dream.’ That’s waking up. This is the same ; it’s just that no one wakes up from this dream.

The one that wakes up in an insight will fall asleep again. It’s a relative insight and the one who has a relative insight, goes back to sleep. The deepest insight is not good enough. Nothing is ever good enough for what you are. Whatever you experience will never ever give you the experience of what you are. It’s all futile. It will all come and go.

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