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Renz : existence

mardi 25 juin 2019

You cannot kill this bastard who has the conditioned preferences from all the ancestors before. Who could decide what tongue one has ? Where did it come from ? What you hear, what colours you see, what you like ? It’s not by your choice. It’s all given by all your ancestors before. All the events that happened before decide what you like. It’s not your liking. It’s from all the likes and dislikes before. It doesn’t belong to you. It’s not your fucking taste – porridge or not. It’s always for the poor and for the rich.

Q : But I don’t have much sense of…

K : You have no sense at all. [Laughter] No one has sense. Sense cannot be owned.

Q : Knowing? myself...

K : You don’t know yourself.

Q : That’s what I mean...

K : Be happy about it. That’s happiness? – not knowing yourself. The moment you know yourself, who you are, where you come from, you’re fucked. You come out of fucking.

Q : Thanks for that ! It’s a little late to get this knowledge now... [Laughter]

K : Everyone wants to kill their parents before they meet so that they don’t get born. That’s why we have rebirthing techniques – just to meet their parents and kill them before they can make you. Not this time – Incarnation prevention. Everyone who sits here would rather be not born. He would rather not exist ; it’s amazing. Then trying all the techniques to get rid of that what exists now. Whatever you try is futile. You cannot change any event of existence?. Whatever is meant to happen, happens – will happen – do whatever you like. No one can control existence. That’s pure beauty?, there’s no control of existence. No one can control his tongue or thought. The question is always who thinks the thinker ? Then the thinker just claims that it was just his thinking. But there was never any thinker who had any thought. It’s amazing.

Q : From where does personality come from ?

K : Don’t ask me, I don’t need to know.

Q : Do you have a personality ?

K : I don’t know ! Some say it’s quite strong. [Laughter] If you ask me, it’s not about having one ; it’s just there.

Q : It’s a German personality...

K : I could not get rid of the germ, I’m infected. Germs and germs and germs. It’s all about ownership. What you are doesn’t own anything ; what-you-are is whatever is. There’s no ownership in that. You’re the Absolute? owner of existence because you are existence. But you don’t have to know that. Just by being what you are, you are that what owns everything because you are everything and nothing. You are the presence, you are the absence?, you are that what is prior, you are that what is beyond. You are That – finished ! Just that there is a being and there’s no second being. That’s all, that’s non-duality.

As you exist, you are that what is existence. As there’s no second edition of existence, you are that what is existence – finished. It’s easiest to understand, come on?. That you cannot take it. You want to be special and by that you have to suffer and you’re meant to suffer by trying to be special, to be apart, very apart. Because I’m unenlightened, I’m special because there’s someone else who’s enlightened. You live from differences. I’m suffering more than you. I’m in a competition of sufferers and my guru is better than yours.

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