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Alan Watts : a world that peoples...

lundi 19 février 2018

So let’s say the tree which grows apples is a tree which apples, using ’apple’ as a verb. And a world? in which human? beings arrive is a world that peoples. And so the existence? of people is symptomatic of the kind of universe we live in. Just as spots on somebody’s skin is symptomatic of chicken pox. Just as hair on a head is symptomatic of what’s going on in the organism. But we have been brought up by reason of our two great myths—the ceramic and the fully automatic—not to feel that we belong in the world. So our popular speech reflects it. We say ’I came into this world.’ You didn’t. You came out of it. We say ’Face facts.’ We talk about ’encounters’ with reality, as if it was a head-on meeting of completely alien agencies. And the average person has the sensation that he is a somewhat that exists inside a bag of skin. The center of consciousness which looks out at this thing, and what the hell’s it going to do to me ? You see ? ’I recognize you, you kind of look like me, and I’ve seen myself in a mirror, and you look like you might be people.’ So maybe you’re intelligent and maybe you can love, too. Perhaps you’re all right, some of you are, anyway. You’ve got the right color of skin, or you have the right religion, or whatever it is, you’re OK. But there are all those people over in Asia, and Africa, and they may not really be people. When you want to destroy someone, you always define? them as ’unpeople.’ Not really human. Monkeys, maybe. Idiots, maybe. Machines, maybe, but not people.

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