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Burckhardt – coração

sábado 23 de abril de 2022


“The only books worth our attention are those which spring from the heart and in turn speak to the heart,” the Sufis tell us, and by the word ‘heart’ they do not mean the source of psychological feelings but something much more profound. ‘Heart’ can be understood as the very center of our psycho  -physical being, as the meeting-place of soul and mind   or, more precisely, as the focal point where the mind, which in itself is all knowledge or light, is reflected in the mirror of the soul. We have anticipated, then, one of the principal themes of the book of Ibn Arabi  , a work concerned essentially with the role of various prophets in revelation. Ibn Arabi names some 27 prophets, all of whom are mentioned in the Koran  ; each one is as a vessel of divine Wisdom which, owing to this fact, takes on human nature with its limitations, all the while remaining one and indivisible   in itself. “Water   derives its color   from the vessel that holds it,” Sufi al-Junaid maintains. This law which places in opposition the light   of revelation and a plan which reflects and confines it, is repeated on every level of the macrocosm and microcosm, of the world and of man. Now we begin to surmise the importance of this theory for prophetic revelation. [Burckhardt  , Preface to The Bezels of Wisdom, tr. Austin  ]

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