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Ibn Arabi (SP) – Adão

sábado 23 de abril de 2022

The Ringstone of Adam begins with the Real (al-Haqq), which might also be rendered as the Truth or the Reality. It signifies the Essence of God, the Ultimate Reality beyond all distinctions, polarities, and relativizations. The Essence or Self is neither this or that, nor is it not this or not that, being beyond all qualifications. Ibn Arabi   employs al-Haqq, as do other Islamic metaphysicians, not only as an alternate expression for Allāh, but also out of a sense of spiritual propriety or adab. This is not to say that the use of the Name Allāh as such is considered a blasphemy or an act of taking the divine Name in vain. Rather, the use of the Name Allāh invokes a presence that is, in a sense, too much for certain contexts to bear. Among the Sufis, not only is the Name Allah the Supreme Name that encompasses all other Names, but it is also the personal Name of God, as it is for all believers. Allāh carries with it a tremendum not only by virtue of God’s omnipotence and utter transcendence but also as a result of the awesome proximity that it owns by virtue of being the all-encompassing Name. Through employing a Name such as the Real, one is able to evoke the all-comprehensiveness and totality of God without abusing the Name Allah. In almost all cases where some sort of identity is implied or stated between the Divine and its manifestations, a Name other than Allah is used. It is not a question of the use of the Name Allāh as such, but of using it with poor adab and with a pseudo-mystical self-indulgence. Ibn Arabi  ’s use of al-Haqq in instances where the divinity and creature seem to be changing places in the text is an expression of the operative and lived presence which the Name Allah evokes for the author of such a work and traditionally for most of its readers. The economy of the use of the Name Allah and other Essence-denoting Names such as al-Haqq expresses a recognition that one does not talk about God the way one talks about other conceptual categories. [DagliRW  ]

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