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Armstrong: infinito em Plotino

quarta-feira 22 de junho de 2022


This passage Plotino - Tratado 27,8 (IV, 3, 8) — Dificuldades relativas à unidade e à multiplicidade da alma is interesting as an example of the sense   in which Plotinus   is prepared to speak of the Second and Third Hypostases as ἄπειρος   (infinite in the sense of unlimited or unbounded). ὁ θεός in line 38 is probably Νοῦς. Any kind of spatially conceived or numerical infinity is excluded from his intelligible world (cp. line 37 here and VI. 6. 17–18). “Infinity” there can only mean infinity of power (as here) or unboundedness because there is nothing to bound or measure intelligible reality—intelligible number is the ultimate measure and so not itself measured, bounded or limited (as in VI. 6). The doctrine of “relative ἀπειρία” in Proclus   (Elements of Theology props. 89–96, pp. 83–7 Dodds) is helpful to the understanding of Plotinus here. The One for him is infinite in the sense of being absolutely beyond any sort of determination or limitation, because it is beyond being and thought, but is hardly ever called ἄπειρος. [AEnneadIV]