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Damiani (Enneads) – relação da Alma-Total (hole psyche) com a alma individual

segunda-feira 20 de junho de 2022


Last edition: “But again: ‘Everywhere unity’ applies both to Soul itself and to its various functions. To identify the relation of All-Soul to particular souls with the relation between a soul and its sensations would entail that no particular soul but only the All-Soul could have thought or knowledge; to localize thought is to recognize the separate existence of the individual soul  . But since the soul is a rational soul, by the very same title by which the All-Soul is called rational, then what is thought of as a part must in reality be no part but the identity of an unparted thing.”

Guthrie   and Taylor translate the entire passage in the first-edition sense  . Armstrong   has it as follows: “But we have already said that the soul is one thing everywhere, also in its different functions. And if our souls were like sense-perceptions, it is not possible for each one of us to think himself, but the soul of the All [would have to do the thinking]; but if our thinking was our own, each soul would be independent. But since the soul is also rational, and rational in the sense in which the universal   soul is called rational, that which is called a part will be the same as the whole, not a part of the whole.” Brackets are Armstrong’s. [ADEnneads  ]