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Armstrong: Processão

quinta-feira 24 de março de 2022


II. 9. 3
(Armstrong   selection and translation)

[The law of necessary production: each Principle must eternally produce the level of being immediately below it as a necessary consequence of its own existence: and the whole order of things is eternal: the lower world of becoming was not created at a particular moment but is eternally being generated: it is always there as a whole, and particular things in it only perish so that others may come into being.]

Each must give of its own being to something else. The Good will not be the Good, or Noûs, Noûs; Soul will not be itself, unless after the primal   life some secondary life lives as long as the primal exists. All things must exist for ever in ordered dependence upon each other: those other than the First have come into being only in the sense   of being derived and dependent. Things that are said to have come into being did not just come into being [at a particular moment] but always were and always will be in process of becoming: nor does anything perish except what can be transformed into something else; that which has nothing into which it can be transformed does not perish.