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quinta-feira 24 de março de 2022

For the Intellectual-Principle is the earliest form of Life: it is the Activity presiding over the outflowing of the universal Order - the outflow, that is, of the first moment, not that of the continuous process. Enneads  : III VIII.9

But the life in the kosmos, the life which carries the leading principle of the universe, still needs elucidation; does it operate without calculation, without searching into what ought to be done? Yes: for what must be stands shaped before the kosmos, and is ordered without any setting in order: the ordered things are merely the things that come to be; and the principle that brings them into being is Order itself; this production is an act of a soul linked with an unchangeably established wisdom whose reflection in that soul is Order. It is an unchanging wisdom, and there can therefore be no changing in the soul which mirrors it, not sometimes turned towards it, and sometimes away from it - and in doubt because it has turned away - but an unremitting soul performing an unvarying task. Enneads  : IV IV. 10