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Platão: Três técnicas

quinta-feira 24 de março de 2022

Excerto de Plato  , Republic  , 601c, Loeb Classical Library

Socrates  : The painter, we say, will paint both reins and a bit.
Glaucon: Yes
S: But the maker (poiesei) will be the cobbler or the smith.
G: Certainly.
S: Does the painter, then, know the proper quality of reins and bit? Or does not even the maker, the cobbler and the smith, know that, but only the man who understands (epistatai) the use of these things, the horseman?
G: Most true.
S: And shall we not say that the same holds true of everything?
G: What do you mean?
S: That there are some three arts (technas) concerned with everything, the user’s art, the maker’s (poiesonsan), and the imitator’s (mimesomen).

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