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Taylor: genesis

quinta-feira 24 de março de 2022

GENERATION, genesis. An essence composite and multiform, and conjoined with time. This is the proper signification of the word; but it is used symbolically by Plato  , and also by theologists more ancient than Plato  , for the sake of indication. For as Proclus   beautifully observes (in MS. Comment, in Parmenidem.), "Fables call the ineffable unfolding into light through causes, generation." "Hence," he adds, "in the Orphic writings, the first cause is denominated time; for where there is generation, according to its proper signification, there also there is time."

THAT WHICH IS GENERATED, to geneton. That which has not the whole of its essence or energy subsisting at once, without temporal dispersion. (Thomas Taylor  )