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Ibn Arabi (Fusus): Dagli - concreto

domingo 20 de março de 2022


There are two senses in which concrete is used in this paragraph. In the first sense   it refers to that which exists outside of the mind   as a real   entity in itself, while in the second sense it refers to the realm of manifestation beyond that of the immutable identities. In the first sense the universal   is a derivative concept, while in the second sense the universal is the ontological source of many individuals. In the latter sense it refers to a divine Quality which is the very reality of the qualities of many existent things. This divine Quality or Name is ontologically prior. In the second sense the priority is a logical one and belongs to the particular individuals who possess various qualities, which is to say that we conceive of life as a quality which is shared among individuals. As a Quality of God   “Life” is the very reality of all things insofar as they are living; this is a concrete relationship. At the same time we abstract life as a quality belonging to many individuals; this is a conceptual relationship. Thus the concepts or universals as we think of them are also to be viewed in two ways. A universal is something abstracted from our experience of concrete particulars, but it must be remembered that the very fact of there being a concept corresponding to qualities in the world is based on the aforementioned concrete relationship between the divine Qualities and concrete instances. In this case the determined individual is the human intelligence. We do indeed abstract universals from the particulars of the world, but this is only possible because the form or essence of this quality is already an essential facet or dimension of the human intelligence, and is actualized upon its presence with the corresponding form or essence in the world. The essence, form, or quiddity which is made universal is a possibility of the human intelligence by virtue of its totality and its ability (in principle) to comprehend all possible essences. [DagliRW  ]

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