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Ibn Arabi (Fusus): ruya

domingo 24 de abril de 2022


The reality of knowledge is one, and the reality of life is one, and their relationship to the living being and the knower is the same. Of the knowledge of God  , we say that it is eternal, and of the knowledge of man we say that it comes to be. So contemplate what is brought about by the act of placing this determination in relation with this intelligible reality, and contemplate as well   the connection between intelligibles and concrete existents. For just as knowledge determines what subsists through it, such that one calls it “knower,” so too does the possessor of the quality determine knowledge as coming to be in the case of what comes to be and eternal in the case of the eternal. Each one is determining and determined. [DagliRW  ]

Because being is one, any Quality of being is also one. All knowledges, if one can state it in this way, are really none other than Knowledge, just as all lives are none other than Life. One of the major themes of the Ringstones is the limitation of divine Reality if it is only considered from the point of view of being absolute. It is in comprising both the absolute and modes of restriction or qualification that reality is perfected. The Shaykh discusses this point more explicitly in the Ringstone of Moses, where he mentions that knowledge is perfected by comprising both the eternal and the becoming. That which comes to be is determining in the sense   that the knowledge in an entity that comes to be is, from a certain standpoint, none other than the one reality of Knowledge. [DagliRW]

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