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Sorabji (PC3:16) – percepção e conceitos

quarta-feira 9 de fevereiro de 2022


As for perception, Priscian repeats that empirically based reason, doxastikos logos  , is required for perceptual recognition. But the late Neoplatonists give a further role to logos  , now in the sense   of a concept. Perceptual recognition cannot occur unless the recollected Platonic concepts are projected from the mind  , to make the recognition possible. So far, the harmonisation concerning the first issue, concepts, has been mixed. Despite some harmonisation, and positive support from Philoponus  , a tendency among some Neoplatonists has been rejection of Aristotle  ’s account of concepts. On the second issue, perception’s independence from reason, rejection of Aristotle has been complete – perceptual recognition cannot occur without reason. But the concept of reason has been modified. In some cases, an empiricist concept of reason has been substituted. In other cases, Plato’s insistence on the need for reason has been defended by means of a theory of projecting concepts which goes   far beyond Plato. [SorabjiPC3  :16]