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Simplicius (De Anima 124,34-125,2) – perception (aisthesis)

segunda-feira 31 de janeiro de 2022


[Aristotle   DA 417b24 ‘But to perceive is not within [its] power’]. He [Aristotle] means clearly ‘[not within the power of] the faculty of sense   perception’, because the sensible   object, which is an individual and external, must be available, and must not merely be there but also present to the faculty of sense perception so that it may act in a way on the sense organ and upon its being acted on, the perceptive soul may project (proballomene) the common concepts (logoi  ) within it of the sensible things in a way appropriate to the effect (pathos  ) and recognise (gnorizein  ) the sensible object through its own activity, being in a state of accord with the form (eidos  ) of the sensible object. [SorabjiPC1  :40]